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Dr. Twogood has been sharing information about chronic pain for more than twenty years.
His information is revolutionary, true, and effective, yet it is still not common knowledge.

For those of you who suffer with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, chronic back pain, IBS, psoriasis, and on and on, you know that your doctors have no answers for why you have pain, why it won't go away, and how to get rid of pain.

You can find those answers in Dr. Twogood's book, Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days, or by attending one of his free lectures.

Here is what one reader had to say,

My pain began in my teenage years 30 years ago. I was diagnosed with
endometriosis. My pelvic pain was so severe I cried, screaming in agony with no
help in sight. In the 80s endometriosis was still a new diagnosis with no cure
and no understanding of the cause. Doctors performed multiple laporoscopy
surgeries and forced menopause three times during my 20s and 30s. My pain was so
severe in 1993 I had my right ovary and Fallopian tube removed. My pain subsided
for about a year then it came back strong once again. Since then I had about 4
more surgeries with the last one in 2005. During the 2005 surgery my
Gynocologist lacerated my bowels and a 30 minute surgery turned into 6 hours
with a specialist called in to ensure I would not die on the operating table. I
spent 3 nights in the hospital to be watched for septic.

By 2006 I had extreme pelvic pain and now abdominal pain where my bowels were
lacerated. In 2008 I was diagnosed with arthritis in my back and was told it is
a part of aging! At 40? Really?

Numerous doctors said I would be on pain medicine the rest of my life. Hard core
medicine: I was on fentanyl, dilaudid and Percocet. My goodness how did I stay
awake? Life was a walking looped out mess; upset no one could help my pain. I
was so tired of medicine all the time every day.

I've had terrible tension headaches for about 10 years and in 2011 collapsed and
was taken to the hospital with apparently an acute migraine. At this point I
wanted a new body: tension headaches; migraines which I was now also taking
maxalt; pelvic pain; and now the worst monster- abdominal pain where my bowel
was lacerated; not to mention the arthritis in my back and joint pain throughout
my body. Was I 42 years of age or 142?

In 2011 I begged my new doctor for help. I saw specialist after specialist and
multiple tests: x-rays, ct scan, MRI, brain analysis, and more. One doctor even
thought I had a hernia because of the large knot sticking out of my lower right
quadrant. This was just where my bowel was lacerated.

Then in January 2012 I got hit with the news that I had cancer in the female
region of the body. In 2012 I had 2 biopsies and 2 surgeries. My cancer was cut
out but cancer cells were still in the area.

In 2013 my husband's friend gave me a book: Chronic Pain Gone  90 Days. I
thought really? Could my 30 years of pain really be cured in 90 days? So with
that said I read the book in 2 days and started my life style change on
9/9/2013. It was difficult at first spending hours in a grocery store, hours
prepping foods and making my own spices, tomato sauce, salsa, salad dressing....
I stopped eating dairy, casein, msg, soy, gluten, chocolate, any preservatives.
I strictly followed the book amped up a little. I do not eat any preservatives
in addition to the trigger foods in the book.

By November 2013 my pain was gone and I no longer need any pain medicine. My
endometriosis is gone. Migraines, gone. Arthritis gone. People ask if I went
through withdrawal when I stopped the heavy opiates. Answer: no because the pain
slowly disappears meaning my medicine intake naturally and gradually reduced in
the 60 days of eliminating the toxic foods and prescriptions.

In May 2014 I saw my oncologist and my cancer reversed, not one cancer cell

Today I don't feel 46 I feel like I'm in my twenties again. I even lost 35 lbs
and am now a size 0 - a healthy size 0. My chronic pain has been gone for almost
a year now! Finally, a doctor who knew nothing about ME helped me and cured me.

I know my triggers and love my new lifestyle change. I saw Dr. Twogood speak in
September 2014. After a year of eliminating trigger foods it was nice to hear
the doctor personally. I re-read my book as needed and even did my own test the
weekend after meeting Dr. Twogood. I purposely ate foods high in msg for 2 days
and by the 2nd night I had a migraine and back pain that lasted about 3 days.
Dairy and casein affect my abdominal pain and chocolate; well let's just say it
feels like I was thrown out of a plane without a parachute.

I'm done with processed foods, preservatives and every trigger food listed in
Dr. Twogood's book! I am a success story.


Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days is easy to read and understand.

The book is available in print, and in Kindle, Nook and I-Books.

The book is now available as an app from Google Play for 99 cents.

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  Dr. Dan Twogood has written about chronic pain since 1991. His books and lectures explain how to get lasting relief.  

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