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Dr. Twogood has been sharing information about chronic pain for more than twenty years.
His information is revolutionary, true, and effective, yet it is still not common knowledge.

For those of you who suffer with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, chronic back pain, IBS, psoriasis, and on and on, you know that your doctors have no answers for why you have pain, why it won't go away, and how to get rid of pain.

You can find those answers in Dr. Twogood's book, Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days, or by attending one of his free lectures.

WARNING: Dr. Twogood is not selling any miracle supplements. There is nothing to buy, unless you want to pick up his book. But Dr. Twogood will GIVE you the information if you attend one of his talks.
The next date are:

April 10, 2014,   6:30pm

Mother's Market in Costa Mesa, CA
1890 Newport Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA

Reservations a Must: Call  1-800-595-6667


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You can also down load this from Google Play for Android Phones for $0.99
Or Click Here Chronic Pain 90

Dr. Twogood is registered and licensed with the FMCSA to perform DOT truck driver exams.

National registry #: 9842381969

DOT Exams are $25.00  Cash
Sports physicals are $10.00 Cash

 Dr. Twogood is available to talk to your group.

  Dr. Dan Twogood has written about chronic pain since 1991. His books and lectures explain how to get lasting relief.  

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